Quality Inspection: Easily Deploy Machine Learning
and Artificial Intelligence
for Quality Inspection

Reduce Errors, False-Positives
and Secondary Screenings


"No Code" Plug-in AI Skills

Deploy AI skills without any additional programming

Preserve Investments

Upgrade existing hardware and software with advanced AI capabilities

Powerful Processing

Upload open source and custom AI algorithms

Scalable for Industry 4.0

Add new sensors, processing skills, and Industry 4.0 & IoT protocols

AI Gateway: AI is Complex – We Make Deploying It Easy

Pleora’s AI Gateway simplifies advanced machine learning deployment to help designers, integrators, and end-users lower costs and improve results in visual quality inspection, including print, pharmaceutical, consumer/industrial goods, and food safety applications. You don’t need to be a vision expert to use AI to solve your quality control challenges.

Simplify AI Training and Deployment

"No code" AI
Simplifies AI training for defect detection, segmentation, classification, OCR, and hyperspectral imaging while eliminating time-consuming coding, labeling, and optimization.
Add Custom Algorithms
Leverage open source code, such as OpenCV, to avoid vendor lock-in and deploy customized algorithms when required.
Pre-packaged AI skills
Built-in image processing samples for visual quality inspection, with full support for open imaging frameworks like OpenCV and TensorFlow and NVIDIA GPU powering full algorithm customization.
Fully Scalable for IoT and Industry 4.0
Leverage IEEE 1588, triggering, and time stamping capabilities to enable real-time control and decisions in the factory.
Avoid vendor lock-in and supporting multiple APIs while using the cameras, sensors, and software best suited for your application.
Powerful NVIDIA GPU Processing
Processing flexibility to train and deploy open source or custom algorithms developed in popular frameworks like TensorFlow and OpenCV.
Don't throw away your "dumb cameras"
Hybrid AI lets you upgrade existing hardware, software and algorithms with AI image processing capabilities.
Multi-Modality Integration
Straightforward sensor fusion of IR, UV, 2D, 3D, and more.
Seamless Video Delivery
Unique GigE Vision video streaming and "mirror" GenICam nodes means processing receives the video as if it were still connected directly to the camera.
Sample Plug-Ins
Growing library of sample plug-ins illustrate common use cases and provide quick start development platform.