Simplify AI Training for Advanced Classification, Segmentation and Object Detection

Easily deploy advanced machine learning AI and reduce costly inspection errors, false positives, and slowing processes with the Pleora AI Gateway and inspection plug-ins.

Designed with vision standards compliance in mind, easily maintain existing hardware, software, algorithms and investments while integrating powerful inspection AI skills for advanced classification, segmentation and object detection in visual inspection for finished goods, packaging, and pharmaceutical. Deploy advanced machine learning and AI training with a no-code model, allowing organizations to integrate the benefits of machine learning without complex algorithms or time-consuming line-down time. With the AI Gateway’s continuous training model, integrators and end-users can easily initiate deep learning without a requirement to manually train and upload multiple images, labels, or classification rules.

With the Pleora AI Gateway and Inspection Plug-In developed with partner Neurocle, data and images are automatically uploaded to the gateway to process and apply the selected plug-in before sending the processed data over gigE Vision to the inspection application. This process can also act as a reliable secondary inspection, running in parallel with existing processes. End users can confirm or deny a false positive identified in the initial process, allowing for an efficient secondary quality check while also providing inspection training and machine learning data.

Users who wish to write custom algorithms or deploy other open source code from frameworks like TensorFlow, OpenCV or Python can easily upload to Pleora’s widely used OS, eBUS SDK. With the AI Gateway’s powerful NVIDIA GPU, advanced custom machine learning algorithms are well supported.