Machine Learning and AIAI Gateway

The AI Gateway is an out-of-the-box advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence solution, designed to work with existing hardware and software for visual inspection applications, with plug-in AI skill and user-friendly no-code training capabilities.

  • Integrated AI skills for inspection and hyperspectral imaging
  • Simple "no code" training eliminates time-consuming coding, labeling, and optimization
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with standards-based solution that supports a wide range of cameras, sensors, and processing software
  • Hybrid AI approach retains existing hardware, software, and proven processes while adding advanced inspection capabilities

Technical Info


Add AI to Inspection

Deploy new AI capabilities alongside existing infrastructure and processes

New AI Deployments with Inspection or Hyperspectral Add-ons and Custom Capabilities

'No-code' training and plug-in skills simplify deployment and lower costs

Secondary Inspection

Use AI to verify defects found by machine vision algorithms

Plug-in Solutions


Inspection Plug-In Module

Simplify deep learning-based classification, segmentation, and object detection for visual inspection

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Hyperspectral Plug-In Module

Leverage machine-learning hyperspectral imaging with no-code software

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No Code Hybrid AI in Inspection – Case Study

System designers are evaluating Pleora’s AI Gateway for inspection applications in print, pharmaceutical, consumer or industrial goods, and food inspection markets. Learn how one company is using AI to help improve quality and lower costs.

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Cost Advantages

  • Works with existing cameras and sensors, with modular plug-in AI skills, customization capabilities, ‘no code’ training, and lifecycle support – deploy AI at less than a quarter of the traditional cost
  • Limited camera choice, expensive licenses, configuration and training, with unforeseen costs related to system issues and compatibility

AI Development

  • Deploy customized and open source algorithms and avoid runtime license fees or royalties
  • ‘Locked in’ to vendor algorithms, with additional costs for new or customized capabilities

Flexibility and Scalability

  • Common platform with application-specific plug-in functionality can be used to deploy different types of inspection skills and cloud collaboration across an organization
  • Integration complexity, algorithm training, development and consulting costs, limited number of users without additional system investments